Hundreds of thousands of people dream of taking a cruise.

But only a few of them will ever set foot on a luxury liner, and fewer still will actually get paid to do it! And yet there are men and women of all ages and with vastly different skills and experience who have secured enviable positions working on cruise ships, as the opportunities continue to increase.

Tourism generally is fast becoming the world’s largest industry

and cruising is probably the most rapidly expanding sector of it, with many new ships being launched and some of the biggest names in the entertainment world like Disney are looking to increase their involvement.

Some modern cruise ships are really just mobile fun places

with casinos, cinemas, swimming pools, fitness centres, lecture halls, discos and even golf courses, so the range of jobs is enormous – anything from the usual hotel staff to fortune tellers, florists, gentleman hosts and priests. Wages are generally similar to those on land but the gratuities can be excellent and because most jobs come with full board and lodging the opportunities for saving money are also very good.

In addition of course there are all well documented opportunities for travel to all corners of the globe, from Alaska to Spitzbergen or Bermuda to Hawaii, and for romance under the glorious sunsets of the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

Not so well documented are the long hours of hard work but for me it has all been worthwhile and I am sure will be so for you too.


Good luck and bon voyage.